In addition to healing art malpractice claims, we handle general torts as well as other legal claims and issues involving the health care industry. Most of our services are provided in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane and Will counties, but our range extends beyond these counties to wherever we are needed.

Baker & Enright understands the complex issues and sensitivities of representing health care institutions and professionals. We are also able to fully meet the needs of their insurers. We are a close group of attorneys with a wide variety of experiences to draw upon and direct toward a single goal. That goal is to provide an effective, efficient and economical defense for our clients.

Representation on Appeal

Besides settlement and trial, litigation can be concluded through motion practice and ultimately appeal. Baker & Enright is often able to have cases dismissed at the pleading stage or later in the process through summary judgment. Our attorneys have a firm grasp of the applicable law and are continually updating and refining their knowledge.

When decisions are entered in favor of our clients, appeals can follow. Baker & Enright has the depth and experience to provide excellent appellate representation. In keeping with our primary goal, our appellate work is also efficient and economical. Moreover, it is effective. Over the past several years, our record on appeal is exemplary.

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